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Hanover Business Resiliency Grants - EXTENDED

New deadline for submission is August 14th

Click to learn more about the grant and application requirements

(on Hanover County Economic Development's website)

This grant program has been extended and expanded! An overview of the program follows and notable expanded items are highlighted.

Hanover County is offering up to $7,500 per business in recovery funding for companies with 50 or fewer FTE employees

The application period has been extended to August 14th.

Click here to see/download the Grant Guidelines PDF.

Businesses can be reimbursed for Eligible Expenses by providing proof of expenses incurred and proof of payment, or may provide a quote or estimate of intended expenses if selected for a grant.

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), sanitation supplies for the business and its employees, and/or expanded cleaning services for the business

  • Business equipment related to COVID-19 pandemic (such as sneeze guards, social distance floor stickers, etc.)

  • Technological improvements (such as e-commerce platforms and point of sale software) and technological equipment (such as tablets for processing touch-free orders)

  • Supplies related to change in operations (i.e. takeout/carryout containers for restaurants)

  • Other business expenses directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic 

*Note, businesses within the Town of Ashland limits are not eligible for this program, but should consider the Safety Enhancement Grant offered by the Town of Ashland.

Contact Jessica Hartness, HCED Existing Business Manager, directly with questions about this program at 804-365-6459 or JRHartness@HanoverVirginia.com.

Click to see more on Hanover County Economic Development's website:

Chamber Supports Hanover Business Relief Fund

A $300,000 Business Relief Grant Program was approved by Hanover's Board of Supervisors!

Our Chamber is very excited about this allocation of funds and thanks each Supervisor for their vote of approval; it passed with a 7-0 vote. More details about the grant program will be released in the coming weeks and we will send updates as available. Thanks to our members, friends at ChamberRVA's Hanover Cabinet and Hanover Economic Development and area businesses for their support and work alongside us to get this approved. If you would like to send a note of thanks to your Supervisor, use their contact info here

Here's the public release from Hanover County on 6/25/20:

Board approves $9.4 million budget supplement; $300,000 to be directed to Hanover businesses

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020 provides funding to address the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds may be used for qualifying expenses that are incurred due to the public health emergency, not accounted for in the adopted Fiscal Year 2020 budget and incurred from March 1 to December 30 of this year. The Board agree that $300,000 would be directed to small businesses in the county that have suffered greatly during the current health crisis. 

Thank you to the 15 businesses who added their names specifically to our Support Petition! And to those who told us they contacted their Supervisors or sent in public comments individually! We sent an update to the BOS this morning, which you can read here. We are hopeful as we go into tonight's meeting, 6/24 at 7pm at the County Board Room, that this grant fund will be given public consideration! Please watch online or join in person (adhering to social distancing and mask guidelines).

Hanover County is receiving federal CARES Act funding of over $9.4Million to help our local community survive and recover from the pandemic. 

We believe our County needs to approve a Business Relief Fund to allow direct grants to area businesses distressed by covid-19. An early request of $200k, or less than 3%, was not met with unanimous approval by Supervisors and County leaders. A decision about the appropriation of these funds will be made next Wednesday, so there is still time to seek BOS approval.

We are asking for your help in supporting a Business Relief Fund of at least $200k, and preferably $500k. This fund can be administered locally though Hanover's Economic Development office, who is already prepared to do so, with any assistance by our office that is needed.

The US Treasury website states the CARES Act’s purpose: The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers and families, small businesses, and preserves jobs for American industries. Our request fits this description and is a unique opportunity for our County to support you, our local businesses. 

Our Chamber is aware that a large portion of the funds are intended to give extra support to our public schools and public safety. We agree with supporting these vital services, but we want to remind our county leaders that at least some portion of funding must be given back to our business community.

Support our Business Relief Fund request by:

  • Attend the public hearing on Wednesday, June 24th at 7pm about CARES Act funding appropriations. Virtual and in-person comments are permitted. Read public comment procedures here (revised for pandemic safety) or send a direct email to comment on the public hearing to this email. I will be present along with a few of our board members.

  • Add your name and business to our support petition which will be sent to BOS members the day of the public hearing.

You can see the Chamber Board of Director's letter to members of Hanover's Board of Supervisors here

We are dedicated to you, our members and our area businesses!


Melissa Haley

- - -

Melissa Miller Haley

Executive Director

Hanover Chamber of Commerce


(804) 442 - 2094

9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

804-442-2093 | info@hanoverchamberva.com

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