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Strategic goals 2021-22


To our Chamber Members –

As we all look forward to the emergence from the Covid-19 pandemic, our Board of Directors has spent time revising the Chamber’s strategic goals to reflect the new circumstances. We set aside the previous 3-year plan through this year to create a new set of 2021-22 goals.

For the remainder of 2021 and through 2022, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce will work diligently towards the following initiatives:

1.       Focus on business growth and recovery for our members and community

Our Chamber will continue to be a source of accessibility and data sharing, regional connections, and will keep our members connected to their legislators and governing offices – out of the pandemic and always.

2.       Business/Community programs and promotions

Further, we are considering and researching new public/community events or campaigns to promote our members and greater Hanover. Our Chamber will be continuing creative virtual programming through and after the pandemic, for efficiency and accommodations. And, we look forward to resuming in person events in June 2021 and whenever possible!

3.       Member retention and engagement

Our Chamber membership retention is strong because of each of you! Your renewals tell us you value your involvement in the chamber, and we want to earn your continued trust each year. Our goal is to maintain retention at the current 90% or higher by ensuring value from each program, committee participation and conversation. We will also be redesigning our committee structure to better meet organizational goals and member interest.

4.       Chamber growth and sustainability

Healthy organizations are not static but evolving. Our Chamber will continually seek growth and visibility across the County, region and across industries. We will increase our staff as possible to provide even better customer and member service.

Thank you, members, for your support of the chamber! We hope each of you are as excited as our Board to see these initiatives become reality.

Wishing you all a 2021 of recovery and renewal,

Amanda Bosher Porch, Board President 2020-21

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

and Chamber Staff

9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

804-442-2093 | info@hanoverchamberva.com


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