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hanover chamber of commerce committees

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce invites members to get connected with the chamber and the community by getting involved with a Chamber Board committee. There are five open committees - Communications, Membership, New Suite, Partnerships and Programming. We welcome and encourage you to participate. For more information or to sign up for one of the committees, contact Melissa Miller at melissa@hanoverchamberva.com or 442-2094.

Communications Committee 

Aids in promoting and telling the story of the chamber well. It will focus on upholding our organizations’ professional, relevant and dynamic image by refining our social media presence, continually improving our communications methods, guiding the creation of promotional documents and encouraging face-to-face connections.

Membership Committee 

Recruits new members, help the organization stay in touch with current members and work with potential and/or lapsed members. This committee will also review member benefits and consider alternatives or additions when needed.


A team of young and emerging professionals focused on finding ways to develop networking skills and boost business growth. Events and workshops are be created with new business owners/professionals and members in mind. This team directly plans and oversees the New Suite Luncheon series.

Programming Committee

Helps to create and decide on an assortment of regular Chamber events that include networking opportunities, business building workshops and community updates, while ensuring the programs provide not only a social aspect but always something of value. This committee will also consider the viability of new or special events and/or community engagement projects.

Partnerships Committee

This team encompasses the landowner and government relations groups outlined in our bylaws, and expands the focus by including more emphasis on maintaining and creating strong regional relationships. It will make certain that the chamber is functioning as a reliable conduit of information on legislative and property rights issues, as well as working to ensure our local businesses are a priority to our County’s leaders and elected officials. This committee will also aid in creating positional statements on issues as needed and give guidance on partnerships our organization should pursue.

The Chamber Board has two additional restricted committees, only open to board members or legacy leaders.

The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is comprised of the board President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Past-President and the Executive Director. This team is charged with putting the overall chamber-vision into practice and serves as the primary leadership effort of our organization.

The NOMINATING COMMITTEE is chaired by the current Past-President and includes 3-5 of the most immediate past-presidents, the current board President and the Executive Director. Each year, this team will discuss, request and present a Slate of Officers prior to the Annual Dinner to be voted as the next leadership Board.

9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

804-442-2093 | info@hanoverchamberva.com

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