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communications policy

As a growing and thriving organization, it is important that the Hanover Chamber has a consistent strategy for sharing key information with its database of members and contacts. In an effort to communicate with our members and contacts both effectively and conscientiously, it is important that we maintain communication guidelines. Thank you, to all our members and contacts, for adhering to the policy below.

Download a printable pdf here.


Use of the Hanover Chamber Name and Logo

Current and active chamber members are encouraged to display our “member” window clings at their place of business or company vehicles and use an official Hanover Chamber logo on their website! 

Members must request an approved, official logo from the chamber office and include a link/backlink to our website.

Sharing Events or Updates from Members or Organizations

The Hanover Chamber will maintain a “Community Calendar” on which announcements, events or other information can be publicly shared. This calendar will be populated by requests from area partners or organizations; the chamber reserves the right to deny a request if it opposes the chamber mission, purpose or guidelines in this policy.

“Community Calendar” posts must comply with one of the following:

1) The event must take place within Hanover County,

2) be hosted by a Hanover Chamber member,

3) The event must be community focused and intended to provide support, care or fun to area residents and chamber members.

The Chamber will periodically share press releases for, and accolades given to, our members. Members are encouraged to submit details to our office.


Incorrect Endorsement or Referral by the Hanover Chamber

No chamber member, contact or guest may state or imply an endorsement or referral by the Hanover Chamber of Commerce without express and written consent of a chamber staff member. The sending out of direct mail or email noting the chamber’s endorsement or logo, without prior written approval and viewing of the Chamber, is strictly prohibited.

Other uses of our logo or name – besides displaying the “member” logo or window cling as discussed above - must be approved in writing by our office prior to use.

Email, Event or Discount Forwarding

We will not forward specific emails to our contacts nor email chamber members individually, however we will include mentions of community happenings in other standard communications. See “Community Calendar” above.

If a member would like our office to share details about a special discount/rates/promotion to other members, they will need to advertise it through the Chamber’s spotlight or other current platforms discussed with staff.

Political Forums, Information and Solicitations

The Chamber will share contact information for any current elected official within the Hanover County or Town of Ashland areas with members or contacts who ask. This will also be kept on our website, directly or using links, for public access.

When and if notified, the Chamber will share town hall type or community-based meetings on our “Community Calendar.”

The Chamber will not solicit support for any political candidate, party, representative or lobbying entity. Nor will the Chamber post about campaign events/fundraisers.

The Chamber will only hold political forums prior to main elections, not primaries, if there are participating agreements from each party represented on the ticket prior to scheduling. The Chamber may hold meet-and-greets of currently elected officials, when desired; however, an invitation to Celebrate Hanover each December is our common practice.

Website Rights and Email “Opt-Out”

Through the maintenance and ownership of, we reserve the right to publish, at any frequency, any and all chamber events, happenings and related information on our webpages and in our emails. Members and contacts may elect to ‘opt-out’ of various types of emails through our website when logged into their profile preferences.

Releasing Database Information/Contact Lists

To protect the personal preference and discretion of our members, the Hanover Chamber will not release Excel, Word, PDF or similar documents containing the mailing, email or contact information of our members. It is our hope that this restriction guards against mass unsolicited mail/emails and phishing scams. Any member in good standing can access full contact information for any fellow member by using and logging into our online member directory, within our website. The public can view basic information in our annual directory and magazine or by visiting the online directory webpage.

Social Media Guidelines

Being present on various social media platforms is relevant and essential in today’s world. Our posts, across platforms, will primarily feature chamber news, upcoming events, event recaps, videos, board or staff updates and the sharing of fitting economic or partner events and news.

In an effort to guard against favoritism (members vs non-members, paid service vs free service, etc.) the Hanover Chamber will not use social media to:

1) Individually promote a person, place, business, product or service unless such a promotion is part of a sponsorship or spotlight package, or

2) Send out or solicit direct funding requests for or in support of any one elected official, political candidate, party or representative.

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