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building a legacy of leaders since 1980

The Hanover Association of Businesses began in 1980 with a focus on the betterment of our County. For over 20 years, this association worked to build community and speak for or against practices and decisions that affected our area businesses and land owners.

In 2002 the association merged with the Ashland/Hanover Chamber of Commerce. The Ashland/Hanover Chamber came with over 15 years of business community building service to our County. Together, these organizations took on a new, joined identity as the Hanover Association of Businesses and Chamber of Commerce. (We were HABCC for short, as many still remember.) The HABCC continued the mission of both organizations and has built a strong reputation in and around Hanover as a great association to partner with.

This rich history, this legacy of advocacy and community, is largely due to the amazing people who have led it over the years – our Legacy Leaders!

Annual Dinner & Networking Night, 2021

Legacy Leaders

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce Leaders’ Through the Years:
Greater Ashland Chamber of Commerce (1989)
Ashland/Hanover Chamber of Commerce (1990 – 2002)
Hanover Association of Businesses (1980 - 2002)
HABCC 2002 -> Hanover Chamber of Commerce

Year             Board President               Vice-President

2022-23 Sam Stone Laurie Ursiny

2021-22 Mark Lea Sam Stone

2019-21 Amanda Porch Mark Lea

2018-19 Kenny Janes Amanda Porch

2017-18 Troy Forehand Kenny Janes

2016-17 Ben Meredith Troy Forehand

2015-16            Steve Ellis                                 Ben Meredith

2013-15            Emma Lee Mitchell                     Jay Smith

2012-13            Gail Hubbard                             Carter Flippo

2011-12            Michael Gladstone                      Gail Hubbard

2010-11            Heather Shurm                          Roger Cole

2009-10            Tim Boschen                              Emma Lee Mitchell

2008-09            David Creasy                             Tim Boschen

2007-08            Lin Diacont                                David Creasy

2006-07            Carter Flippo                              Jim Trotter

2005-06            Carter Redd                               Chris Peace

2004-05            Ron Martin                                Carter Redd

2003-04            Bob Bailie                                  Todd Rogers

2002-03            Jack (AH); Todd Rogers (HAB)   Ross Luck (AH); Carter Redd, Ron Martin, Kenny Boschen (3 HAB)

2001-02            Jack Carroll (AH); Terry Cave (HAB) Ross Luck (AH); Todd Rogers, Carter Redd, Ron Martin (3 HAB)

2000-01            Steve Ellis (AH); Robert Ellis (HAB) Florence Watt (AH); Terry Cave, Todd Rogers, Carter Redd (3 HAB)

1999-00            Steve Ellis (AH); Trip Vaughn (HAB) James Pollard (AH)

1998-99            Brian Carlton (AH); Dan E. Williams (HAB)

1997-98            Rick Laird (AH); Ginger Stanley (HAB) Calvin Giles (AH)

1996-97            Robert Jeffers (AH) Lee Roy Boschen (HAB) Ginger Stanley, Dan Williams, Trip Vaughn (3 HAB)

1995-96            Phil DuHamel (HAB) Lee Roy Boschen (HAB)

1994-95            Rich Rhoades (HAB) Phillip DuHamel, Lee Roy Boschen, Ginger Stanley (3 HAB)

1993-94            Frank Flippo (HAB) Rich Rhoades, William Goodfellow, Phil DuHamel (3 HAB)

1992-93            James Smith (HAB) Frank Flippo, Rich Rhoades, William Goodfellow (3 HAB)

1991-92            Jim Phillips, J.E. Small (HAB) Rick Laird

1990-91            Suzanne Wolstenholme (AH) John Combs (HAB)

1989                 Suzanne Wolstenholme (GA) Marshall Vronek, Larry Gilman (2 GA)

1988                 Christopher Klotz

1987                 James Winters (HAB)

1986                 Leslie Campbell (HAB)

1985                 Nelson Flippo (HAB)

1984                 W.F. Harris (HAB)

1983                 James Copp (HAB)

1982                 John Rawls (HAB)

1980                 Frank Hargrove (HAB)

11211 Air Park Rd, Suite 2, Ashland, VA 23005

804-442-2093 |


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