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hanover chamber of commerce committees

The Hanover Chamber of Commerce invites members to get engaged by becoming involved with a Chamber Committee. There are many committees open to any active member; we welcome and encourage you to participate. These small groups are great ways to connect with your fellow members and learn more about our community.


Specific support and programming to businesses within the Hanover Airpark footprint. This includes security initiatives, networking, programing and community events. See more on the Airpark Division webpage. Meets every other month.


A Chamber Ambassador is excited and knowledgeable about our organization! Ambassadors help recruit new members, attend and assist with ribbon cuttings, and serve as great connectors to new members attending events. Ambassadors are a wonderful extension of our staff, ever-present promoters and essential to our success. Meets quarterly.


This team will focus on maintaining and creating strong local and regional relationships. It will help ensure the chamber is functioning as a reliable conduit of key business, workforce, legislative and property rights topics, as well as working to ensure our local businesses are a priority to our county’s leaders and elected officials. Meets quarterly.


This committee will aid in guiding the creation of promotional documents, continually improving our methods and platforms and generally promoting and telling the story of the chamber well. It also considers how we share about and promote our fantastic members. Meets quarterly.


Helps to build a calendar of regular Chamber events that include networking opportunities, business building workshops and community updates, while ensuring the programs provide not only a social aspect but always something of value. This committee will also consider the viability of new or special events or community engagement projects. Meets October to February.


This fun-loving team will create, design, build, drive and ride on our holiday floats for local parades in late November and early December.


(NEW) An initiative to educate and develop professionals young in age or new to their careers by providing networking, career development and volunteer opportunities. Meets quarterly.


Our "Signature Events" require a few extra hands - and a few unique ideas! These teams helps make our big events more fun and run smoothly.

  • Airpark 5K - meets February to May
  • Annual Dinner - meets July to September
  • Celebrate Hanover - meets October to December
  • Golf Tournament - meets July to October


1) Show up at the next meeting of that crew! 2) Email/Call our office so we can add you to the correct notices.

Please note we ask our members to commit to 1 cycle/event or 1 year involvement before moving to a different committee. If you would like to participate but do not see an upcoming meeting time, please let us know and we'll keep you in the loop. 

A NOTE - The Chamber has three additional committees, only open to board members or legacy leaders... The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is comprised of the Board President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Past-President and the Executive Director. This team is charged with putting the overall chamber-vision into practice and serves as the primary leadership effort of our organization.  The NOMINATING COMMITTEE is chaired by the current Past-President and includes 3-5 of the most immediate past-presidents, the current board President and the Executive Director. Each year, this team will discuss, request and present a Slate of Officers prior to the Annual Dinner to be voted as the next leadership Board.  The MEMBER ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE is chaired by the current Vice-President and focuses on strong retention and engagement of our membership.

11211 Air Park Rd, Suite 2, Ashland, VA 23005

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