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Episode 8: Harvesting Green at Brookmeade Sod Farm

June 29, 2018 1:45 PM | Melissa Haley (Administrator)

If you’re one who loves a beautiful lawn, this vlog visit is certainly for you. Over the past 50 years, Louis and Ginger Brooking have developed 300 acres of thriving sod. Brookmeade Sod Farm’s 3 farmsteads (all in Hanover, Virginia) specialize in growing Turf Type Tall Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia varieties.

Sod is harvested to order, ensuring its color, health and viability when replanted. Fifty years sees many changes, including the process of harvesting itself. When the farm was new, Louis pushed a hand-harvester and Ginger followed to roll and stack. (Whew.) Today, the Brookmeade crews gather early in the morning to harvest and stack pallets with a mechanical sod-harvester for pickup at their farm or delivery and install the same afternoon.

It takes a minimum of 9 months from seeding to harvesting – depending on the sod variety, weather and client need. Fescue is harvested year-round, whereas the warm season grasses,  Zoysia and Bermuda are only harvested when in season. Louis feeds the grass only what it needs and clearly knows how to farm it well; Brookmeade has been a trailblazer in the sod industry for many years.

Naturally, the sod farm is a wonderful place to visit as the views of acres of the greenest grass surrounds you in every direction. Join our Chamber Director, Melissa Miller, and the whole Brookmeade crew on a trip to the farm and see what sod is all about. Thanks to Brookmeade Sod Farm, Inc for taking us behind the tractor. 

To the farm!

Watch the video! 

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