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Member spotlights

Let’s be partners!

Online advertising for Chamber members is available through the Member Spotlight. There is 1 primary spotlight and 2 secondary spotlights each month. A company can purchase a month (or multiple) and each month will include ad posting:

Primary Spotlight includes banner ad on the Chamber website homepage, in the monthly e-newsletter, 2 additional weekly e-updates and a social shout out.

Secondary Spotlight includes ad in the monthly e-newsletter, a weekly e-update and a social shout out.

What We Need

Member Spotlight partners must provide their own text/message, logo or pictures for their online advertising before their reserved month. The Chamber will send an email reminder to submit a high-quality jpeg or png of your ad in the following format:

  • Horizontal banner ad - 300x900 pixels*
  • Square ad - 900x900 pixels*
    * or less pixels as long as it is a good quality image 



Payment & Invoicing

  • Primary Spotlight Advertising Package - $295
  • Secondary Spotlight Advertising Package - $175

    An invoice will be sent via email (or mail if you prefer) in the beginning of the month of your reserved month and is due by the final business day of your reserved month. 

    The Member Spotlight is only available to Chamber Members.
    Reservations open until filled. Contact  the Chamber office at 442-2093 or

    11211 Air Park Rd, Suite 2, Ashland, VA 23005

    804-442-2093 |


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