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Member spotlights 2019

With the Member Spotlight, the Chamber promotes 1 member per month. A company can purchase a month (or multiple) and each month will include ad posting:

On our Website Home Page, the monthly partners name, logo and message will be featured in a prominent location with a link to their webpage for the entirety of the month they choose.

In the E-Newsletter, the monthly partner will have a reserved space. Their name/logo/message will be displayed. We aim for the e-news and e-blast to go out a week or so apart, to give our sponsors a longer span of visibility. These usually go out during the first full week of the month.

E-Blasts will go out in the last week of each month. The blast, to all our 1,300+ contacts/members, will feature only the monthly sponsor and a quick list of upcoming events.



What We Need

Once your month is confirmed, you will receive a notice via email or phone call from the Chamber office. Member Spotlight partners must provide their own text/message, logo and pictures for their E-Blast prior to the 20th of the month before their reserved month.

A high-quality JPEG image, at least 300x900 pixels, is preferred. A horizontal banner ad works best. Also submit your logo.

Payment & Invoicing

The monthly Member Spotlight package is $195 per month. An invoice will be sent via email (or mail if you prefer) in the beginning of the month of your reserved month and is due by the final business day of your reserved month.

This is only available to Chamber Members and there will only be a total of 12 messages...so reserve your month-of-choice early!

Call or Email Marianne Powell to reserve your month!  (804) 442 - 2093 | Marianne@hanoverchamberva.com

9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

804-442-2093 | info@hanoverchamberva.com

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