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Episode 7: At the Mill with Flippo Lumber

April 30, 2018 4:08 PM | Melissa Miller Haley (Administrator)

Let’s continue the lumber story, began in the previous episode, by touring a sawmill. The Flippo Lumber Corporation is a landmark in Doswell, VA and has operated since 1910. It’s a family business now run by third and fourth generation family members – Nelson, Carter and Beth.

Harvested trees arrive by the truckload to be transformed from logs into boards, planks and beams. The mill appears remarkably calm when walking up to the saw buildings…but then you step inside. Suddenly, the noise and activity level jumps as – quickly – logs ride by, saws do their jobs, belts carry planks and staff monitor stations. This vlog is raw, pun partially intended. It uses genuine mill sounds and up-close manufacturing footage.

The Flippo’s understand how to get the very most out of each log – nothing is wasted. The mill itself is built on the second floor to allow gravity to capture dust and chips for use in the drying kiln, mulching and more. They are intentional in finding sellers for “scrap” pieces not big enough for regular use. Further, they participate in the reforestation of logging sites and care for tree growth throughout Virginia.

Though Carter joked, “You have to sneak up on the mill or it won’t be running” our Chamber group – Chris Haley, Ben Meredith, Melissa Miller, Amanda Porch and Alfred Price – experienced the full mill in working, impressive order. Thanks to Flippo Lumber for shaking up our day with a visit through your sawmill. To the mill!

Watch the video!


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