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Episode 9: At the Academy with Hanover County Sheriff’s Office (SEASON FINALE)

September 28, 2018 10:42 AM | Melissa Miller Haley (Administrator)

Hanover County residents and businesses enjoy a low crime rate – much due to the dedicated daily effort of our Hanover County Sheriff’s Office (HSCO). The 271 women and men who work in the agency are committed to public service and safety. They patrol our streets, protect our citizens and pursue the offenders. Plus, they’re good-natured and even fun-loving.

For our “Hello, Hanover!” Season 1 Finale, we’re checking out the HCSO Training Academy. The fitness drills, the classroom time, the driving practice, the firing range and more. Recruits spend 26 weeks at the Academy before spending another 3 months doing field training. It’s nearly a year before a new hire will be on a shift with their fellow deputies.

The spirit of comradery developed through the academy follows their careers with HCSO as the department is intentional about teamwork inside and outside the office. Colonel David R. Hines, Sheriff, knows that the best ways to defeat crime begin with visibility and community. Their programs, such as the Business Watch, Worship Watch, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Citizens Police Academies, all invite citizens across our County to participate in building a safe environment.

As you watch this video, we hope you are encouraged by and thankful for the work of the HSCO. Though our county is not absent of crime, Hanover is a great and safe place to live and work because of these deputy’s commitment to us.

Join our Chamber Director and Administrator, Melissa Miller and Marianne Powell, the new recruits, the Sheriff, and the whole HCSO team for a unique, up-close view of the training program. We hope you have just as much fun watching it as we did recording it. To the academy!

Watch the video!


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