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Episode 14: Behind the Wardrobe with the Closet Factory

January 30, 2020 12:21 PM | Melissa Haley (Administrator)

The saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” either brings about feelings of calm or overwhelm – many of us like the notion but lack the vision of implementation. The struggle for many is building a space that truly works for your individual needs. And this is where our episode begins!

Custom spaces begin with custom production. Local to Hanover, this family owned business has changed thousands of lives because of their ability to work direct from the factory to your home. The process begins by discussing needs, taking a space inventory and creating a digital design. Once the vision is formed, plans head from the showroom (front of the building) to the factory floor (back of the building). In production, raw materials are cut to spec, painted or stained, trimmed with finishes and numbered for assembly.  Then it’s out the door for installation – custom made in just a few weeks.

“We can’t control peoples clutter, but we can sure give them a place to put it,” says Teresa Mueller. She and her husband, Bryan Mueller, have owned The Closet Factory for twenty years. The company takes pride in using no subcontractors, meaning every part of the project is completed and overseen by staff members employed by The Closet Factory.

The Company has grown exponentially, starting off with only 5 employees, Closet Factory is now 40+ staff members. Bryan and Teresa’s daughter, Megan Mueller Underwood, has recently returned to the family business she grew up around. She is excited to continue the family legacy.

Closets, garages, entertainment centers, wine cellars, pantries or offices all begin the same way.  In this episode, we get to go behind the wardrobe walls to see how plain boards become organizational masterpieces – let’s get customizing!

Watch the video on our YouTube Channel: "Behind the Wardrobe"

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